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AHHH, I haven't updated in soooo long!!! I am so bad at this. Well, being that I don't have a lot of time to update (what's new) I will have to hurryy.

Whats new? (Well being that almost all of my friends on LJ I see basically everyday you prob already know BUT)

Lets seee, I was so excited, today me and michelle won the League Championship doubles final, so that was really cool. I am really tired though, and really hungry. We go to CIF on Mon and I am oh so excited. And I was thinking, I just recently watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Love it sooo much Alli) and I realized that a really good friend would probably call to find out how I did on the biggest tennis match I have ever played in my life, and maybe even come watch. But not even that, maybe call? Am I wrong thinking that? Because no one called or anything. I don't know...

On a sadder note (I guess) I am packing (that's why I don't have much time) to go to Bishop for my grandfather's funeral. I am not looking forward to it. Not because I am sad, because I know that he was sick and unhealthy and unhappy, but because my mom is going to be really sad and everyone will be crying and that makes me sad because I want everyone to always be happy. Life kinda sucks sometimes.

Okay, so I don't update in two months and now I am updating with the most depressing entry of my life. Hmmm

I want to go shopping soo bad.

I want to see Gav in concert soo bad

I want to be at broomball right now soo bad.

Gotta love it!
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