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justheart's Journal

dank tank
18 October
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alli logue, allis dad, almonds, amelia bedelia, anime, at&t, attics, atticus, basements, beach, beany babies, belly botton rings, benches, bikes, black, bread, buccini, buccini vuitton toni, butt holes, calendars, cats, cheaters never prosper, christmas snow globes, coach, communion, cooch, costco water, darn possums, dimes, dirt, doves, dragons, dusty trees, egg yolks for breakfast, egyptian lamps, everybody's dad, extra virgin olive oil, frogger, genies, geosafari, giraffes, girl from secret garden, grass, gymnastics, hair ties aka beebops, hatorade, hialry duff, hooters, indonesia, inkjet printers, jake gyllenhaal, jesus, kmart, kumbaya, lacrosse, ladybugs, lamps, lamps in general, lamps with light blubs, lamps without light blubs, lance armstrong, laughing, lava lamp nightlights, lexmark laser printers, lunch aides, mallory, mallory lynn wedeking, mallory wedeking, mary-kate and ashley, masta, matzah, me, meatballs, mother goose, muslim temples, my briefcase, my dad, my underwear, napoleon dynamite, oooopossums, our dad, our ipod commercial, overalls, paint, panda bears, pears, pennies, pergatory, pie holes, ping pong, pistachios, plastic flowers, plotted plants, pokemon, pool, portapotties, portugese little men, possums, qiko, quarters, rubber bands, s club 7, sailors, shorts over everyone, shorts over france, shorts over me, shorts over pants, shorts over you, skippy creamy, sliding glass doors, smiling, snow globes at christmas, soil, soy beans, soy milk, spasta, spectacles, spiders, straight up lon-town, summertime, tamaguchies, tangerines, tanning, tea parties, teeny beanie babies, ten foot tall lamps, tennis, terra cotta pots, the desert, the sims, thread, ticks, tightie whities, tornados, travel books, trifle, ugly alarm clocks, union bay gear, veronica poulos, veronica's dad, veronicas dad, wallets, water holes, window cleaner, wine, wrestling, york peppermint patties, york photos, your dad