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So I am finally updating! I know, craz-yy.

First, today was, like, exercise mania. First Elizabeth and I played tennis for an hour and a half, we played both singles, and then doubles with Kristen and Michelle. Then, we ran 2.8 miles and walked another mile. And then we pretty much died. So that's cool. And tomorrow we have tennis tryouts, not really looking forward to it because Dave is insane and likes watching us run in the heat, although it hasn't been to hot, which is really nice because its a change from the hot, humid heat we have been having. I REALLY, REALLY hope Elizabeth makes varsity, and I know she will if this Mimi girl doesn't show up, which I really hope she doesn't.

Second, registration today (I realize this update is very similar to Elizabeth's BUT that's okay) and I am not looking forward to school, but it was nice to see everyone again. Okay, I am posting my schedule even though I know that most of you (my like 5 friends I have) are registering on Wednesday. But anyways:
1 H PreCalculus
2 P English 11
3 P French 3
4 H Hon Physics
5 AP Am History
6 Girls Tennis

So pretty much I am slacking in English but that's okay. Let me know if we have any classes together, yeah?

I will try to update more often, try being the keyword, no promises! I will see you all in a few weeks, if I don't die tomorrow or wed. or thurs. Yeah

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