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Spring Break Update:

So I left Sunday to go on a college trip which was fabulouso
Claremont McKenna College: Insanely smart people go there, really pretty campus and in a cute town, tour guide: "We really look for very politically opinionated students who enjoy debating about political beliefs and w/e" me: "um, who's our president again?" Basically I couldn't care less about politics, for the most part
Azusa Pacific: Supposedly the "Jesus party school" haha It was really pretty but so small and not a lot of majors that I like
Loyola Marymount: THE MOST PERFECTEST SCHOOL EVER, it is so gorgeous and like 5 minutes from Robertson boulvd/LA, and five minutes from the beach and its big and pretty. Ahh, and it has the biggest gym ever and new buildings. Love it oh so much.

It is so crazy that in a year we will be going to college, it really started to sink in. I can't even believe it, I am so excited.

Okay, so I ordered my prom dress, what do you think?

Today is a good day.

AND Easter is tomorrow, easter = lots o chocolate = lots o fun
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